Summer is Here!
We have had a wonderful spring with some extra rain and somewhat cooler temps. That's gone and the triple digets are here with a vengeance.

The orchids love the extra warmth at night and the plants are growing like mad. Lots of new plants coming out of the lab and into the greenhouse. We'll be working hard to get all the new plants onto the summer plant list and the website.

Follow us on Facebook and see what we do day to day. Lots of great photos of the orchids and some of the goings on in fabulous Walla Walla.

Salmon Safe Growing
We are the only orchid grower in the Pacific Northwest who grow their orchids using sustainable farming practices that keep the local watershed and rivers clean protecting the native salmon. We are a certified Salmon Safe producer of orchids.

Plant List
For a complete listing of all our plants, please download our new 2014 Winter Plant List. You can order here from the website or print out the order form on the last page of the plant list and send it in with your selections.





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